Sophie Anna Lembeck

category: Visual,

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Artist Statement

I make art because it forces me to be truthful with myself—emotions can’t hide once they’re out on a canvas. Creating is honesty, and I am a really bad liar. I hope that my work can connect with its viewers and elicit their own raw, emotions drawn from colors glopped onto a canvas or lines drawn on paper. I create art like I live in the world—I start with a plan, a direction, and at some point, usually, things start to change. I rarely end a piece where I thought it would end, and I am usually okay with that. I love working with colors people often see as boring. I see the beauty in the ignored and misunderstood and try to replicate it and make people understand that perhaps beige is the most beautiful color in the universe, but who really knows? I like making people think.   I will always tell my side of the story of a piece of artwork if I am asked (or sometimes even if I am not). I am more interested in your story, though, and what it is that you see. Sometimes our stories are the same, sometimes we see opposites, and sometimes I see a tree and you see a sailboat. Any outcome is fine with me.

Educational Background

Hampshire College Class of 2011:  BA in Liberal Arts (focus on education, sociology, Latino/a studies, and creative writing) New York University Class of 2013:  MA in Sociology of Education