Soma Vajpayee

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Artist Statement

My art explores the eternal within the ephemeral. In our lives, we vividly remember moments of peace, rejuvenation, energy, hope and love. When memory strips out the cognitive deluge of the time, a feeling lingers even as the details retreat. How we feel about sights, moments and experiences define our memories, which become anchors in our lives.

My art grew out of my personal memories of such transformative moments, which were often connected to my interaction with nature’s beauty. Over the years, I have realized that all of us carry such evocative moments within us.

My art seeks to remind the viewer of this hidden strength, and the abundance of positivity each of us possess and can amplify.

Oil on canvas has been my dominant medium, but I have also experimented with charcoal and pencil, and recently with water colors.

Educational Background

Born in Kolkata, India,  I have studied management (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad) and accounting and lived in many cities in India and Hong Kong . I moved to New York recently.

As a self taught artist, I have had many solo exhibitions – June 2011 (Hong Kong), April 2014 (Mumbai), March 2015 (Prague) and November 2015, 2017(Hong Kong), Mumbai (2017).

In Westchester, Group show by Hastings-on-Hudson Village Art Commission, NY in 2019

Nov 2019 to present: Group show and member of Mamaroneck Artist Guild, NY


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