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Artist Statement

I'm the owner and creative director at Auburn Jewelry. Auburn Jewelry creates custom sterling silver, 14k gold and enamel pieces that are available in 18 colors. Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted in our private metal studios in Chappaqua, New York.

Educational Background


- 14 years of experience designing and handcrafting sterling silver jewelry

– Jewelry instructor (2013-Present)

– Owner and Jeweler at Auburn Jewelry (2013-Present)

– Jewelry and Metals minor from Skidmore College

– Jewelry and metals classes at Skidmore College including fabrication, casting, forging, metalsmithing and an independent study in marketable jewelry (2005-2009)

– Jewelry and metals classes at Horace Greeley High School (2001-2005)

– Founder and President of the Jewelry Club at Horace Greeley High School

– Jewelry Teacher’s Assistant at Horace Greeley High School

– Received Juris Doctorate (2013)