Michelle Sinnott

category: Visual,

Contact & Info

  • sinnott.michelle@gmail.com

Artist Statement

I realized at the age of 10 that I had a passion for photography. I bought a tintype of a boy soldier in the civil war and fell in love with my picture. I knew that this piece of metal gave this boy eternity. Photography is a means to capture a moment, a single instant in time that will last forever. As time went by I started noticing that any picture I took had something in it to capture and enhance. I have become particularily fond of photographing animals. I know that they cannot speak in a language like humans but their expressions say it all, even more than words. I have a particular style to my pictures that I believe brings out expression, content and beauty in what I capture in the moment.

Educational Background

I am by profession an accountant with a degree in psychology. I have a minor in philosophy.