Sheri Ruiz

category: Visual,

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Phone: 914-450-9560


Artist Statement

Photography has been an essential part of my life since childhood. Within the past year, the decision to focus solely on my craft of visual storytelling has become a full time job. The move into the digital "darkroom" happened over the course of the past few years as I dealt with the traditional darkroom setting. Specializing in black and white, but not limiting the use of color in my work, the techniques I use do not alter the image but give the viewer exactly what it was that I saw. The final print is what I had seen the moment it was taken. Any adjustment made is what I would have working with film- sharp contrast, defining highlights and everything inbetween. The interplay of light and shadow runs constant throughout my imagery. My intent is to capture an image that aspires to find something in the ordinary. Provoking thought and emotion to visually tell a story. My camera is only a tool, in which, to tell the story I see and is susceptible to varying interpretations. The subject varies from the urban to natural landscape, architectural and sculptural form, to portraiture.

Educational Background

2013, BFA Printmaking, Purchase College State University of New York, Purchase NY 2011, AAS Visual Art- Photography, Westchester Community College SUNY, Valhalla NY