Susan Cox

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Artist Statement

As an architect, and now as an artist, I am interested in constructed space and the effects of light. I begin a new work by identifying a significant personal place, and building an object from what remains of it within my memories. The structures that develop investigate the evolution and convolution of my recollections concerning place, light, landscape, and the passage of time. I think about both the physical and the psychological/metaphorical ideas that I want to convey. Doors, windows, passage, interior and exterior space – the architecture of the idea, and the movement of light are all important themes I investigate. I work primarily in cast glass. Because my work usually refers to the constructed environment, I sometimes allude to or incorporate the media of construction:  steel, wood, concrete, and the manner of construction, but glass is always the main focus.

Educational Background

Susan Cox is the owner of Susan Cox Glass, a kilnforming studio in Pound Ridge, NY. Susan has a Master’s degree in Architecture from Columbia University.  After years of practicing architecture, she has turned to glass as a more immediate means of exploring her ideas of light and space. She has studied at Corning, Pilchuck, and North Lands Glass Centre. Susan’s work has been chosen for numerous exhibitions, and is in private collections.