Samantha Yergo

category: Visual,

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Artist Statement

I paint the insides of smashed pumpkins that create an internal, visceral and entangled visual. They are invasive and macabre and the gory, dying, web-like environment is meant to remind the viewer of the human body. The layers of these paintings are built up from the inside out, and usually result in vortex-like compositions. The imagery is intended to represent a diseased body, but because of the warm, vibrant colors, the pieces sometimes appear less like a dying being and instead seem more violent, aggressive and confrontational.  In some areas the paint is applied carefully while in others it is brushed on loosely to evoke a sense of urgency like that faced by those with a terminal illness.

Educational Background

SUNY Purchase College: BFA in Painting and Drawing; Minor in Art History. Expected to graduate May 2012.