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If you're looking for a graphic designer that knows that selling your product or service is more important that a pretty design... I'm your man.   If you're in need of a highly professional graphic designer that knows how to design a kick-ass logo, print ad, brochure, web site or Flash animation... a designer with the marketing background to help you sell your product or service... I'm your man.   Are you tired of working with "artists" who know the art programs but who aren't designers... are you fed up trying to work with artists who let their ego get in the way of YOUR vision... well, if you are, then I'm your man.   My prices are based on the project and the cost is reasonable... not cheap, not expensive... I repeat: reasonable.... you'll get MORE bang for your buck when I work on your project. Your budget will go a long way when you work with me... a professional that knows that the bottom line is to SELL SELL SELL!   Here's a link to my site... take a few minutes to look at my portfolio, you'll be glad you did.   My name is Rob Sturtz... you can call me at 914-682-0114, give me a brief and I'll give you a quote... it's that easy.   Thanks! Speak to you soon....   Rob PS: If you'd like learn a little more about my working philosophy, please check out my blog:

Educational Background

HIgh School of Art & Design (Manhatten)   The School of Visual Arts (SVA)