Richard Seney

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Artist Statement

Emerging Artist, Richard Seney's harks back to the classical still life painters of the Dutch and Flemish schools of painting. But Seney's approach is unique, the medium of his choice are Colored Pencils versus the oil Paints his predecessors used. His ability to achieve the rich and luminous quality that his work possesses is done though multiple applications of transparent layers requiring steadfast patience and focus. One of the many reasons for his high degree of deliberation, is due to the refined delicacy he seeks through his sensitive and Contemplative touch witch in the end results in a very 'Painterly' drawing. Artists who have been highly influential in his work are the painters Pieter Claesz (b. 1559-1660) a Dutch still life painter of the 17th century and the other strong influence in Seney's work is Raphaelle Peale (b 1774-1825) an American artist, considered America's first proffessional still life painter. Richard Resides in White Plains, were he continues his studies and pursuit of the luminous still life.

Educational Background

Started drawing with colored pencils in 2001. Learned how to draw from photographs and studiedĀ  through art books with different techniques. One year of private lessons with Wendy Hollinder. Hollinder taught me Botanical drawing with colored pencil.The nature and form of Flowers, plant life and Fruits. Three years of private lessons from a modern day Master Andrew Lattimore. Lattimore has taught me drawing fundamentals, perspective, the understanding of value, rendering and the elements of composition. I am offering one on one private lesions on how to take colored pencils and create a painterly drawing. All work is done from life at my studio. Must have experience with linear drawing Richard Seney 914-490-9222 E mail address [email protected]