Regina Latkany

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Artist Statement

I am a local artist located in Rye, New York. My medium of using oil on wood with antique postcards and the language of words, lends my paintings not only to be visual but verbal as well.

Educational Background

Regina Latkany, married with a family of five and nine grandchildren, still found time to travel to many countries and collect antique postcards. 
Always talented as an artist, she decided to use these postcards in her oil paintings.  Her general art work she displayed, but kept her postcard paintings hidden waiting for that special time to show them as a group. Her inner voice tells her now is that special time.
However, it should be pointed out  that she is by no means a shy or secretive person.  The year was 1972 when she played Bobby Fischer chess in his last group exhibition game in the US before he went on to Iceland to win the world championship. As Marcel Duchamp the wold famous French artist gave up painting to play chess full time, Regina gave up the intensity of playing chess to pursue her love of painting. She still continues to play an exciting game of chess when she is not working on her paintings. 
Her art covers a broad spectrum, from the mystery of the Titanic, to the tattooed derriere of a gorgeous woman, to James Bond bobsledding on the Schilthorn, to the diamond fields of Namibia where actress Angelina Jolie gave birth, just to name a few... The beauty of her work is that she cleverly injects storytelling into her paintings, but the final chapter is up to another person's imagination to finish...the viewer's!