Nicole Zahour

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Artist Statement

I've been creating jewelery since my first metalsmith course as a freshman in High School almost 20 years ago. Since then I've worked with wax casting, forging, precious stone setting and enameling. Sparked from my sculpture and clay background in college I have become passionate about wax carving. I consider my pieces little wearable sculptures and am inspired from both nature and the industrial and busy city I live in.   I also love the rich and vibrant colors I can create with enamel. I work from a studio in my home and have 2 jewelry kilns that are constantly going! I work with sifting, cloissone, watercolor enamel and scraffitto. I've studied enamelling with some fantastic artists in NYC including Honey Jeanne Laber and Kathy Wood.   I've lived, worked and studied art in Pittsburgh, PA; London, England; Leipzig, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic and Oporto, Portugal. My second passion is travel and culture and each country has left a mark on me and my work.

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