Patti Ettinger

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Artist Statement

My work is primarily figurative in nature, and focuses on 3 essential elements: color, composition, and line.  In terms of line, my goal is to find the place where painting and drawing intersect.  When found, that location breathes a special life and energy force into my work. Equally as essential is my love of color, which has a unique energy all its own.  Vermillion, scarlet, lemon and tangerine conjure up a visual feast. I’ve always loved the Impressionists Edgar Degas and Toulouse Lautrec, both masters of color and composition. 

When I was a little girl, my older sister used to try and get me to crayon carefully in my coloring books.  Her pages were always soft, neat and evenly colored.  Mine were a wild mess of scribble scrabble in bold colors with complete disregard for the printed lines.  Even now, some 60 years later, little has changed. 

In third grade, my art education began when I attended Saturday morning classes with Raymond Simboli at the Carnegie Museum.  My studies continued at Carnegie Mellon University with Robert Lepper, Bernie Sachs and Douglas Wilson, where I received my BFA.  From Pittsburgh, I moved on to Boston to be a graphic designer.  Finally landing in New York City, I worked for many years as an art director and copywriter at several top Manhattan advertising agencies.  At long last, I have come full circle and am back to Fine Arts.  To this day, I draw every Tuesday morning at the Westchester Art Workshop with David Fox, a Master draftsman in the Renaissance tradition.  

Educational Background

BFA Carnegie Mellon University, Arts Students League, Westchester Art Workshop