Patrick A. Somma

category: Visual,

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Phone: 914-906-9892


Artist Statement

I live in Westchester Count, NY about 45 min north of NYC, I started photography at the age of 14 and fell in love with it.  I knew I wanted to wake up every morning loving what I do, just like that photography became my career. My dreams are one day to touch people all around the world by my photographs as a National Geographic staff photographer, also I would like to travel the world doing destination weddings. I approach every shoot with 100 % professionalism, dedication, and passion, I take a great amount of pride in my work, the final product means a great deal to me, that is how the world sees through my eyes, I'm by no means a traditional photographer, nor am I photo journalistic, I have my own style which is a mix of various different styles put together to achieve the final product.

Educational Background