Takeshi Ogura

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Contact & Info

  • ogura@prefix-online.com
  • http://youtu.be/2WMFg4Gn1qM

Artist Statement

Guitarist Takeshi Ogura has been in New York music scene for the past 10 years. His primaly style of music is jazz but he has explored many different genres to expand his musical vocabulary. He first studied jazz guitar with late be-bop guitar pioneer Chuck Wayne while attending The College of Staten Island in the late 80's. After many twists and turns, he got back to playing guitar in 2001. Since then he has steadily built reputation as a versatile and expressive player. He often appears with his own trio to play his compositions and unique arrangements of jazz standards.   Since 2009, he regulary plays at The Bass Line in Mt. Vernon, New York. He has played there with trumpeter Duke Jones, drummer Seiji Ochiai, Dwayne Purdue, John Cooksey, bassist Scott Fragala, Sean Smith among others. He also works twice a month at Red Hat in Irvington, New York with Bill Crow and Hiroshi Yamazaki. He played in Norman Connors' Starship Orchestra at Larry Young's in Newark, NJ. In 2011, he took a part in Tsunami Relief Benefit Concert at The Westchester Conservatory of Music.

Educational Background