Nils Hill

category: Visual,

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Artist Statement

My painting process begins with one small graphite pencil-mark on a rigid support. Working intuitively, I create more marks in response to the first. At a certain point, color is introduced in the form of a transparent acrylic wash or glaze. As subsequent layers of color are added, the mark-making is altered through addition and subtraction. Sometimes marks are "picked-out" with white. Though some paintings seem monochromatic at first glance, upon closer inspection they reveal a wider palette. My work is intimate and contemplative; one needs to spend time for the painting to "reveal" itself. In my paintings, movement and vibration, often in its most subtle form, shapes the work. As the viewer is engaged, these vibrations evoke a deeper resonance.

Educational Background

1973 INDIANA UNIVERSITY, Bloomington, IN. Master of Fine Arts

1971 PHILADELPHIA COLLEGE OF ART, Philadelphia, PA. Bachelor of Fine Arts