Nadine Gordon-Taylor

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Artist Statement

Although the study of art history has been an integral part of my work, my immediate influence came from my father, Al Gordon, who was a photographer and a lighting expert for GTE/Sylvania. He was known for his images of caves, ocean liners, pyramids, the Olympics, and opera houses. Eastern religion and western philosophy are the other strong influences on my work. I believe, in every dark corner there is some light, and in every lit space there is dark. The balance of light and dark in my work is both literal and figurative. As Jung once stated, "the ego and shadow come from the same source and exactly balance each other. To make light is to make shadow". My current series entitled, "Self Portrait Minus Self", explores the darker depths of my unconscious as it manifests in my awareness of random aesthetic arrangements. My work is an on-going conversation between my shadow and the object on which it falls. The technique I use is an intricate combination of observational and photographic reference. Once an image is conceived, it takes days to draw it out, using the photo as a starting point and subtly changing the likeness to emphasize the ideas that manifest as the piece evolves. I am known for my photo realistic colored pencils drawings, but I also work in watercolors, acrylics, oils, pastels, charcoal and various printmaking techniques.

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