Mari Ogihara

category: Visual,

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Phone: 734.355.2317


Artist Statement

My recent body of work explores methods of beautification as ritual.  This custom of dressing and beautifying the exterior form is traditionally passed down from a woman to a woman.  Like make-up and fashion accessories I apply ceramic glazes to resemble beading and lace patterning on the smooth clay surface. The similar practice of ornamenting the body, and the artwork, is a routine I find to be sacred and empowering as a religious ceremony.  And like a prayer said for daily strength, methods of decorating the body are done privately. In solitude and in complete concentration & devotion, a woman will carefully apply rouge to her lips. Like lipstick, ribbons of beads and color on the ceramic figures accentuate the sensual curves of each piece.  Although the process of sculpting, sanding and painting the figure is meticulous, the physical action of going through the routine is gratifying. As a result, the facial expression and body language of my figures are in euphoria. This repetition in achieving a superficial surface in my current work reflects self-imposed rituals that women perform to accompany their particular role in society.  Wrapped in rich colors and delicate patterns, my artwork is literally bound by centuries of shared techniques among women reflecting the long, marvelous and melancholy history of female ornamentation.

Educational Background

EDUCATION MFA    Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, MFA, Ceramics, 2006. BFA    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Ceramics, BFA, Cum Laude, 2003. Temple University, Crafts Research, Gujarat, India, 2006. Kyoto Seika University, Ceramics Research, Kyoto, Japan, 2004.