Malcolm MacDougall III

category: Visual,

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Artist Statement

The work stems from a fascination with the natural sciences; in particular microscopy, which is the field of using microscopes to view objects that cannot be seen by the unaided eye. The snapshots of bacteria and cellular platelets retrieved by this method are a metaphor for my sculptures in that, although stagnate, in reality they are imbued with the sense that the forms and surfaces will continue to undulate and recalibrate as time passes. Conceptually, I am also drawn to tectonic plates and how their movement over time remodels and creates landscapes as well as other geological processes such as the effects of erosion. Making is a process of exploration where I encounter gradual moments of realization and discovery through my work. I choose to work with industrial raw materials and embrace the technical processes of welding and metal casting. The quality of the indelible mark that is associated with working with these materials coincides with my intuitive working process allowing my work to mature as I mature and the marks produced are a residue of this process visually. It’s important that the process of making these pieces is allowed to be acknowledged visually.

Educational Background

BFA in Sculpture at SUNY Purchase College