Rahul Mehra

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Contact & Info

Website: http://www.mehra-rahul.blogspot.com

Phone: 917.446.4886

  • mehrarahul@hotmail.com

Artist Statement

Rahul was born in New Delhi and educated in Zambia, India, the UK and the US. He holds degrees in Physics, Management and Information Sciences and has worked in several countries in the areas of finance and technology.   Art has always been his passion since early years and Rahul is enamored by the vibrancy of colors and pigments that abound from the Indian subcontinent. The reds and vermilions juxtaposed between the ochre and the yellow with the blue, his works are deeply connected to themes found in Indian mythology and the social milieu of the subcontinent.   His interest lies in Contemporary Indian Modern Art with themes from the wide canvas of Indian mythology, history and also the art of storytelling through classical dance forms of the subcontinent. He has experimented with various mediums along the way, and besides the color, background stories and events also play a dominant role in his work.   Rahul's influences are later period works of S.H. Raza, Manjit Bawa and Jatin Das who were prominent fixtures in the New Delhi Art scene where he grew up. Meeting with them while studying at Delhi University Rahul was connected to their path breaking symbolic and figurative work, which inspired him to create his own method sub texted with a ligne claire style.   His paintings are in private collections in the US and India. He currently lives in New York working on his compilations.     studio contact: [email protected] 917.446.4886

Educational Background