Lynellen Nielsen

category: Visual, Visual-Illustration,

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Phone: 631.428.4654

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Artist Statement

I have always been inspired by the colors and textures in the natural world around me - from a tiny weed in a field to the majestic mountains of Switzerland. I tend to see interesting perspectives and shapes in everyday scenes, and love using saturated color, amplified contrast, and exaggerated movement to enhance unique natural patterns and composition. The results are dramatically stylized scenes and portraits that evoke strong emotions to draw the viewer in.

My art is a snapshot of my emotions and thoughts at the time I am creating it. I rarely explain my intent, preferring to let the viewer's individual experiences and imagination shape their interpretation of my work. I am constantly fascinated by universality of emotions that various people feel in the same piece, while their interpretations of what they are looking at can vary widely.

Educational Background

I was trained as a traditional artist, illustrator, and graphic designer in several mediums including watercolor, acrylic, gouache, and pastels, but have begun incorporating digital imaging tools to enhance my traditionally done artwork. These tools allow me to further explore forms, colors, intensity, temperature and movement.