Paul Jeffries

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Artist Statement

My philosophy of art and method of creation can be summed up in six words: hand-wrought, not under the influence.  I hammer bronze and steel to form sculpture.  The surface may be patinated or painted.  Because the work is welded and not cast, each piece is unique.  I encourage all that moves me forward.  Art is a language demanding structure and logic.  Making art is intuitive and willful and intellectual.  Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's a struggle.  I have a wide array of tools to keep searching.  I have a sense that I can invent, concoct.  This is the alchemy.  Embracing an aesthetic life, I enjoy making functional objects to live with and to share.  There is a tradition of artists making the things they use everyday.  My bathroom sink, dishes, door pulls, rain spout-- even my wife's jewelry-- offer opportunities for play.

Educational Background

My art education began in high school with a Dura Scholarship to the Brooklyn Museum and a New York University Scholarship.  One day, I knocked on the door of Isamu Noguchi.  He let me interview him for a high school class.  He was generous and gracious.  There was something about him that made me want to be like him.  I began college studying medical illustration at RISD, but received a Sojuorno Scholarship to the Academia de Belle Arti de Roma.  There, I was fortunate enough to study with and apprentice for talented and inspiring artists, the most well-known being Henry Moore.  After a short stint as a commercial artist, I began making sculpture and have continued for over thirty years.  My work is my history, my product, and my resume.  It is what I do and who I am.

Teaching Artist Experience

Adults, available at all times