Lisette Ranga

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Artist Statement

Attracted by bold colors and abstract forms, I am inspired to photograph the world around me. My passion for photography began with my love of travel and my experience of diverse peoples, cultures and landscapes.   With that in mind, I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Imaging and Photographic Technology and became skilled in the technical and creative process of digital imaging.   After graduating from RIT, I was recruited by the Walt Disney Company to support animated movies and manage a high-end photography studio. After spending several years in California, I decided to return home to New York to work at Canon, empowering world-class photographers, in their renown Explorers of Light Program, to transition their art to the digital era using the latest photographic techniques.   Recently, I graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a Masters in Digital Photography. This experience has allowed me to challenge my skills as a photographer and well as develop new skills as a multi-media artist. My recent work “Making the Unconscious Conscious” is a result of this challenge, a metaphorical series of conceptual portraits that reveal deep and hidden emotions.

Educational Background

2012 Masters of Professional Studies in Digital Photography, School of Visual Arts, New York, New York   1997 Bachelors of Science, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York