Lauren Cotton

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Artist Statement

Place and its architectural space are the defining factors in my sculptures and installations.  With each new environment, my works’ form, color and composition alter and expose the location’s architectural framework as being an additive of both physiological and psychological possibilities.   My installations utilize a three-dimensional format through the use of adhesive-backed vinyl and interior latex paints, igniting an understanding of space, form and color theory.  Optically hypnotic and inherently fluid, color becomes the concept of the work in a physical way, building upon space and materials.  Realizing three-dimensional space as a series of two-dimensional sheets allows for the color to transcend any flatness and become angular and full, redefining the gallery framework.   The sculptural works mimic the architectural nuances of the space by enhancing the vignettes present within the installation.  The sculptures function as a literal three-dimensional extension of the installation structure, creating a multitude of explicative compositions throughout the space.  The pieces are cast in concrete as a direct reference to actual building materials and their presence in the architecture.   My two-dimensional paintings, quilts and weavings are initial investigations of color interaction and the significant role line plays in those relationships.  Surface texture and luster also plays an enormous role in the differentiation from one piece to the next, including the severity of counterpoints within the colors themselves.  The works are a vehicle to immediately utilize a more extensive range of color and mark making, continuing my investigation of juxtaposing contrasting simple hues to create movement within the pieces.

Educational Background

2006 MFA Fibers and Fabric Design Temple University Tyler School of Art Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   2004 BFA Textile Design with Photography Minor Magna cum Laude Moore College of Art and Design Philadelphia, Pennsylvania