Kathleen Benton

category: Visual,

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Artist Statement

My long-time interest in creating two-dimensional art work has been in consideration of the perception of positive/ negative space or figure/ground relationships in mark-making, drawing, and painting.  I also like to consider how we read and interpret the visual cues of mark-making and composition, trying to distinguish those which our minds read but then sometimes distort for us, allowing us to understand or make assumptions from what we know, but are not necessarily cognizant, from what we actually are seeing.   As a result of this thinking, my art work has gone in several directions in terms of approach.  Early on I explored the play of positive and negative space using the resistance of oil and water mediums combined in non-objective or abstract drawing and painting.  Lately my work has been representational, with as subject matter as diverse as architecture, plants, camouflage fish, and  translucent microscopic organisms.

Educational Background

M.A. New York University, New York, NY Major: Studio Art NYU Institute of Fine Arts Certificate Program: Museum Studies Semester Abroad Program: Venice, Italy   B.F.A. The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH Major: Drawing and Painting Minor: Art History Ford Foundation Grant