Katherine Dube

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Contact & Info

Website: http://www.katherinedube.com

Phone: 415-967-1553

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Artist Statement

My path as a contemporary visual artist emerged from a career in the sciences. Passion for the scientific processes and curiosity of mechanisms bridged perspective in developing my artwork. The heart of my work integrates a visual articulation incorporating scientific research and literature with a systematic approach to ceramics. Each piece reveals a unique observation of an ecosystem, natural event, or of mathematical origin.


My sculptural wall installations include a series of handcrafted, individual ceramic pieces installed directly onto the current environment.  Each installation is unique and representative of the design collaboration and environmental space in which it encompasses.  The site specific design layout allows for a professional ceramic installation in all environments, including offices, restaurants, galleries, and private residences.

Please feel free to contact me for a consultation in regards to your next design project. -Katherine




Educational Background



2015  50Years/50Women.  A Celebration of Women in Ceramics.

2014/17  Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.  Pre-Qualified Artist Los Angeles, CA

2014/15  Roseville Art in Public Places Art Program. Pre-Qualified Artist  Roseville, CA

2013/15  Alameda County Arts Commission Public Art Program. Pre-Qualified Artist Alameda County, CA

2013/14  San Francisco Arts Commission Public Art Program. Pre-Qualified Artist San Francisco, CA

2013/14  El Paso Museum and Cultural Affairs Public Art Program. Pre-Qualified Artist El Paso, TX

2013  Fresno Arts Council Public Art Program. Pre-Qualified Artist Fresno, CA

2012  CCF/Center for Cultural Innovation. Professional Development Grant,  Los Angeles, CA

2012  Roseville Arts. Grand Prize: Sculpture. Roseville, CA

2012  Lottery for the Arts. Roseville Arts. First Place, Sculpture. Roseville, CA

2011  Americans for the Arts. PAN Emerging Artist Development Scholarship.    San Diego, CA

2011  Aquarium of the Pacific. Urban Ocean. First Place: Sculpture.  Long Beach, CA

2011  Making It Public. Emerging Artist/Public Art Workshops.  Los Angeles, CA

2008  Long Beach Arts. Honorable Mention, Sculpture Long Beach, CA

2006  Long Beach Arts. Honorable Mention, Sculpture Long Beach, CA



2011-Pres.  Bio-Artist and Principal Designer. Katherine Dube Design. Projects integrating science, mathematics and art. Projects include corporate offices, restaurants, galleries, and private residences.

1995-2010   Research and Development Scientist: Former positions holding multiple co-patents and publications.



Chemistry. University of Massachusetts. MA

Education. Graduate School of Education, Post Baccalaureate. Bridgewater State University. MA

Biology. Bachelor of Science. Bridgewater State University. MA