Judith Rudnick Kane

category: Visual,

Contact & Info

  • art4yoursoul@aol.com

Artist Statement

Judith has been painting and making art for over 30 years. After working in her West 28th Street loft for many years, she presently maintains a studio in the Arts Council building in White Plains, NY. In recent years, Judith has worked as a creativity trainer, so that she can share her own gifts and enable others to develop and enhance their inherent abilities. Teaching painting to the women in the college program at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility (maximum security women's state prison) has been a most rewarding, heartwarming experience.  In addition to having taught at the High School of Music & Art (presently named LaGuardia High School of Art, Music & Performing Art.) My Personal Process of Painting: You never know how a work of art will turn out. Sometimes I start with an intention, and sometimes I have no idea, conception or vision of what a painting will become. I often work in a series.  This not only enables me to connect and communicate with my canvas, it also creates an inspirational interaction; among the paintings themselves, which adds to the mystery of creation. Making art is like meeting a new friend.  Just as you have to get to know a person more deeply, you must also be open to a dialogue with the work.  The painting speaks to me and my commitment is to listen and respond.  As a result, the work guides me.  Out of this process, the life, heart and soul of the piece come into being. I hope you will let my art speak to you.

Educational Background