Joseph Boyle

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Artist Statement

I am a graduate of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Science in Art Education paired with a Bachelors of Fine Art Sculpture dual major program. As a result I have two statements that I feel sum up the basis of my work in both the education and fine art practices I carry with me. The most honest approach to self-discovery is recognition for the need of improvement. Through this understanding I carry the mindset that all artists are capable of reaching their specific potential provided they are offered the chance to work and grow socially and personally. Encouraging a chance to explore their own processes will undoubtedly lead them to a failure from time to time but I feel that the experience of the first hand exploration is more of a valid constructive tool then simple dictation of what to do and what not to do. When the artist comes to their own understanding of how something works it will have much more weight than if they had just been told what to do. As a teacher I am present and willing to guide the students while teaching them about the techniques and histories of art in order to promote their total growth as an individual artist. As an artist I feel that I strive to make commentary on issues and topics through outward expression in accordance to my understanding. I do not ask that my opinions be taken as law but that they be heard. In my fine art practice I work predominantly with sculpture and oil painting. In its current state of progression my work is focused around the hypocrisy and irony of human interaction. Feelings of anxiety, fear, and joy are addressed through manipulation of the human form. As such I have just completed my first solo show, “Pseudo-Human Identity”, in 2013 on campus at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Through a series three paintings and four sculptures I created objects that cause an interaction with the audience that will at time assume dominance over them while at other times retreat into submission to the viewer. Ultimately the crowd’s involvement in viewing my show is another form of art in my show. I plan to continue my exploration of the human form through different life casting and painting techniques, all the while driving the final pieces to very expressive endings. This is the mentality that I wish to instill upon a community as an artist. I would fully encourage that my students and viewers test and experiment with art in new and different ways than they are used to. As an educator I will plan to advise, coach, push, and pressure the students to continuously grow in order make new discoveries while generating original and thoughtful art pieces. As an artist I intend to have a similar effect on the audience of my work. The strength of this practice will lie in a lack of dictation of the art as well as an absence of hand in their work.

Educational Background

I have received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fine Art Sculpture and a Bachelors of Science in Art Education from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in 2013. With my education degree I am paired with a certification to teach k-12 in Pennsylvania. I have spent my time in Kutztown from 2008-2013 to earn two degrees in art and double the credit value for the newly appointed Art History minor (pending completion of an unpaid internship). Prior to beginning in Kutztown I had graduated from Academy Park High School in South East Delaware County School District out of Philadelphia in 2005. At the high school I had worked extensively in all fine art based classes that were offered receiving recognition for my academics and the vote of most artistic in the class. Between 2005 and 2008 I have worked in field of Roofing, Electrician, and Carpentry work. My absence away from further education at that time is in correlation financial issues and health concerns.