Jennifer Llewellyn

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Artist Statement

Jennifer Llewellyn had an early exposure to art, having spent a good amount of time crawling around a printing press and easel before she even used them herself. Her interest in fine art resurfaced at the Art Students League of New York, under the guidance of assemblage artist Bruce Dorfman.  She has exhibited widely including at The Viridian Gallery, La Mama La Galleria, The New York Public Library, as well as in The Northern Westchester Center for the Arts Viewpoints exhibition judged by Susan Cross, associate curator for the Guggenheim Museum. Llewellyn's education in graphics is reflected in the expressionistic linearity and textures of her mixed media drawings and etchings.  She combines on paper a traditional sense of graphic art, with a more abstract vision, resulting in the suggestion of intense movement in some compositions, and, in others, of absolute stasis. Within the structure of each piece, Llewellyn invites the viewer to find freedom, texture, rhythm, beauty and growth. Although Llewellyn works primarily on paper her technique is far from simple.  Her tools, mediums and styles range from the swipe of a paintbrush to a contact print of a vintage cheese grater.  The process involves fearless experimentation in an effort to create a single image exploding with abstract visual thoughts. for current resume and exhibition schedule visit

Educational Background

She started her professional training at the School of Visual Arts in New York and graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a BFA in Graphic Design.