Jerome Harris Parmet

category: Visual,

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Phone: 914.725.2004


Artist Statement

In 2000, after 35+ years practicing interior architectural design, I changed directions to study and to produce steel sculpture, a life long ambition. The principles of architecture, whether interior or exterior, revolve around three-dimensional space. The same applies to sculpture, whatever the material from which it is created. The similarities of both disciplines appeal to me, perhaps because sensitivity to space and special interrelationships come naturally to the architect. Both architect and sculptor need to balance four considerations - Form, Function, Economy and Time - as their framework for resolving concept, in order to thrive as artist and business person. I have studied technique with Leslie Dor and David Boyajian, two respected teachers in the field, among others. In 2002, I opened my own studio to give unlimited expression to the artistry that springs to life when manipulating steel into structures, from monumental to tabletop.

Educational Background

President, JHP Designs Ltd / Foresite Planning, Inc., Interior Architectural Design USAF, Captain B.F.A  Interior Design, Syracuse University