Jessica Fila

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Artist Statement

I have been interested in drawing from a very early age. My true artistic training began during my second year of attending White Plains High School. I started off learning the basics in drawing, painting and printmaking eventually moving onto video art, digital art, fabric design and helping the Art Club with a large mural for the school to display.   During that time I was also taking a four-week intensive summer courses at SUNY Purchase working with drawing, acrylics, printmaking, basic HTML, sculpture and digital art. While attending high school, I did this for three years to build up my portfolio for college.   Wasting no time I applied to SUNY Purchase Collage and remained in the Visual Arts Department for over two and a half years expanding on mediums that were previously known to me. Once I felt I got all that the department could offer, I graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts & Sciences with a major in the Arts. I did mixed media design, more video art, print-making in three to four different styles, oil painting, and continued to expand on digital art mediums.   I continue to keep up most of these practices at home in my free time. I am always researching new ways to expand and improve on what I can already do. Currently, I am volunteering in the Grand Banking room of the Westchester Arts Council.

Educational Background