Jeff Moriber

category: Visual,

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Phone: 203.213.1817


Artist Statement

Looking forward inherently suggests searching for something; perhaps familiar, new, extraordinary; or perhaps to clarify or inform. Any and all of these things are related directly to what you already know, expect, anticipate, or have put into a particular viewing context.   The immediate conscious moment is buoyed by the subconscious warehouse of stored memories; tastes, sounds, sights, smells, experiences, emotions, up to and including the present moments events. At any present moment, in any place, at any time of day or night; a smell, a sound, a sight, or a feeling can trigger one of thousands of stored connections to the present moment. I call these connections Psychic-Circuits. When a circuit is activated, when the connection is made, the beginning, and everything of relevance in between joins the present.   My images depict the moment of a psychic-circuit completion. The content, gestures and colors reflect a particular feeling about the circumstances and history of the moment. The light, shadows and circumstance invite the viewer’s own imagination to join the conversation.

Educational Background

Pratt Institute