Haydee Naula

category: Visual,

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Artist Statement

Getting tucked into bed, my parents did not read to me stories about fairy princesses or magic creatures with happy endings. Instead they told me stories about their former lives that they had to leave behind in order to build something better in the United States. At times their stories accidentally slipped into something darker, their words being coated in mystery as they tried lightly explaining to a child the concepts of war, poverty and death. These are the stories that I tend to remember of most often, re-interpreting them over the years, subconsciously creating new altered memories of my parents’ past.   Being fascinated with the concept of identity and how it is used in the media, I use the body in order to express individuality, language, and culture. Stories can come through fictional and non-fictional content, and so I explore both genres in the hopes of allowing others to investigate as well.

Educational Background