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Artist Statement

For me, being an artist is having the ability to create something that exists only in one’s mind; being able to “translate” a feeling into a tangible object; be it a painting, a sculpture, a poem, or a story. In my case, it starts with a feeling, something I see or read. It can be a memory, a color, or a line. Simple things can trigger an image to form in my mind - it may be the light, shaping an object just so. Once the seed of an idea lands in my mind, it grows and changes as my life experiences shape it; my feelings and my moods give it direction. I work the developing concept in my head. I play with it while I go about my life, nurturing the growing image while it comes into focus, becoming more intense, bigger, and stronger. At some point it makes the transition from a passive occupant in my mind to something which interrupts my thoughts, and demands my attention. I must transfer it or capture it right then and there onto a piece of paper. It yearns to become - I am happy to oblige!

Educational Background

F.I.T NYC BFA in General Illustration, graduated Magna Cum Laude Studied at the Sculpture Barn, under master sculpture David Boyajian Studied at Silvermine School of Art Liceo Artistico in Milan, Italy