Geraldine Wiles

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Artist Statement

As far back as I can remember I have always been creating pieces of art.  I attended an art college in the 1970s and a few years later I became a teacher. There I incorporated the arts into my curriculum. These days I am having fun with clay in my studio and at the Clay Arts Center in Port Chester, New York.  I really enjoy hand building and working on the wheel.  I like to incorporate both into my pieces. Texture and color are also important to me.  My art is fun as well as functional. I throw bowls and decorate them with charming, elderly women in swimsuits.  I make mugs that are asymmetrical and colorful.  I design whimsical dragons that are hand built using slabs and armatures.  I have had solo shows and have participated in group shows in White Plains, Yonkers and the Hamptons.

Educational Background