Tom Holmes

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Phone: 516-965-6633


Artist Statement

Artist Statement: "I am drawn to working in the six elements of stone, metal, wood, light, ice and water. It gives me the ability to work intuitively. All possibilities can exist briefly before I impose parameters to my emotional and intellectual contexts." The undercurrents of natural decay, unity, duality, symmetry, space, time and dimension are at the heart of my creative energy. "I work seasonally. Different seasons suggest different types and elements of my work. I love the crisp colds of zero or below for icing in the winter. The summer brings outdoor work in steel sculpture, waterfalls and stone. Spring and fall are transition times that tie the year together with welding, sand blasting and finishing. " My work is my life and I thrive on long days. There is only the transcendence of the everyday. Cooking, friends, love becomes the sublime witness of doing. Process for me is the essence of my art. Tom Holmes

Educational Background

Education Crane School of Music, Potsdam New York — BA Music, 1987 Skills Tom has a diverse set of skills. He is a wood and metal worker, designer, ice artist, photographer, sits on the board of three local non-profits, researcher, writer, book maker, and intellectual. Profile Tom Holmes is an artist, musician and sculptor. He has been self employed exploring his art since his mid twenties.