Fred Spinowitz

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Artist Statement

Fred Spinowitz of New Rochelle, New York has a hand in one of the most important personal statements made by a prospective bridegroom to his bride prior to their wedding. The Ketubah, for those who are planning their marriage or wish to commemorate a special anniversary, is an investment of a lifetime and an opportunity to express love in a personalized art form. The Ketubah is hand lettered and illuminated on parchment. Many of the Ketubot are inspired from antique sources but all are unique and original. Many art collectors consider the illuminated scroll a form of Judaic art. The wide-spread interest in contemporary Ketubot has inspired the artist to design paintings, lithographs and other Hebraic documents. He has recently exhibited at the Mizel Museum in Denver, Co. For over twenty-five years, Fred Spinowitz has researched the marriage event in all its splendid history and artistic presentation. A Spinowitz Ketubah conveys a harmonious artistic exchange between calligraphy and color which pleases the eye and challenges the senses. Spinowitz utilizes his love for Hebrew Calligraphy and combines it with abstract painting to create tension and excitement in his mixed media painting and watercolors.

Educational Background

Spinowitz received a BFA and Masters degree from Pratt Institute. He has also attended the Art Students League and NYU for post graduate work.