Fletcher Crossman

category: Visual,

Contact & Info

Website: http://www.fletchercrossman.com

Phone: 843 302 6561

  • fletchercrossman@yahoo.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/fletcher.crossman?ref=tn_tnmn

Artist Statement

When I first arrived in America as part of a Fulbright exchange, I was primarily interested in exploring the physical environment that had so influenced me through films and TV. However, the cultural displacement I was experiencing led me to explore new themes, and my art became more personal, more political, and less commercial. This was a transformative period; having rejected a gallery career I was free to create larger paintings, and this new work sometimes measured up to 15 feet high and 20 feet wide. My interest in muted colors also led to a whole new aesthetic, described by the Huffington Post as “having the look of modern cave paintings”. Ironically, this very personal phase led to some very public exposure, with invites to exhibit at several museums and university galleries, and I was awarded grants from a number of foundations. My current work explores the themes of isolation and growing older, both in personal and societal terms. Having relocated to New York the city’s people and places are becoming common themes, and the veneer of decay that hangs on older areas of the city have come to symbolize the moral and physical decay in much of my figurative work.

Educational Background

King Edward's School, Bath, England, UK University of Edge Hill, Lancashire, England, UK St. Luke's College, Exeter, England, UK “Headscapes”, Fieldston School Commons, New York (2012) "State of Shock," ArtsBuilding, 548 W 28th Street, New York, NY (2010) "S.O.S.", Eye Level Art, Charleston SC (2010) "So Much To Say," Lake Eustis Museum of Art, Florida (2010) "The Age of Endarkenment," McMaster University Gallery, USC Columbia (2009) "Great Big Paintings," Gaillard Auditorium, Charleston (2009) "Regeneration: Holocaust Paintings," Breman Museum, Atlanta, GA (2008) “Muscular Diplomacy,” Art Miami, Florida (2008) "Fables," Chastain Art Center, Atlanta, GA. (2008) "Yom HaShoah Invitational", BSBI Synagogue, Charleston SC (2007) “Illuminations In The Shadows,” University of South Carolina, Sumter SC, (2007) Invitational Exhibition, Piccolo Spoleto International Arts Festival, City Gallery SC (2007) “Seven Sins of Reason”, No!r, 623 Broadway, New York (2012) "Anatomically Incorrect," Alternative Arts, Brooklyn New York (July 2012) "Four Elements," Paul Seftel Project Space, New York (March 2012) Katzen Museum of Art, American University, Washington DC (May 2010) Tallahassee International, Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts (August 2009) “Retrospectives,” Mary Martin Gallery, Charleston SC (2009) “She Shall Be Called Woman”, Circular Church, Charleston SC. (September 2009) Kulture Klash, Navy Base, Noisette Navy Base (2008, 2009)