Elinor Stecker-Orel

category: Visual,

Contact & Info

Website: http://www.FamousElinor.com

Phone: 914-819-0643

  • FamousElinor@optonline.net

Artist Statement

I’ve always been an intrepid experimenter with my photography, creating special effects in the camera and now in Photoshop.  In my “Artful Images” series,  I used Photoshop to work out a technique that creates a painterly look, with hints of lines that are reminiscent of a colored drawing.  For my “Photo Fusion” photographs, though, I'm using Corel Painter to add realistic brush strokes to my photographs, which are then printed on canvas. I then paint on a textured overlay to add the dimension of oil paintinArticles about her and her work have appeared in After Capture, Color, Rangefinder, and American Cinematographer,magazines. I have appeared as a guest authority on CNN, Fox, and on local radio and cable TV. I hold honors from the Photographic Society of America and is in the Hall of Fame of the Westchester Photographic Society. In addition to photography, I also create artists' book, many of which have been featured in Bound and Lettered magazine.  

Educational Background

BA, University of Michigan MS, University of Pittsburgh I  formerly was senior editor of Popular Photography magazine and now am an associate dean of the New York Institute of Photography.