Victoria Wilde Langley

category: Visual,

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Phone: 914.552.3762


Artist Statement

My work is influenced by my relationship to Nature and form, and the natural dance that calls us to harmony with them, our sensuality, and our emotions. I observe to articulate a depth in style and mood of character; be that of some one, or of land scape. Born in New York, with roots from Basra, Iraq, the Himalayas, and a decade residing in Europe, I am moved by the essence of the traveler, distinct and moving landscapes, mélange of cultures, and subtleties of form and expression. In following the direction of energy, within the context of a piece, or through the stages in the creative process, movement inspires me, as do temper and spirit, the art and the artist. I  also explore dance and movement, and voice - essential elements of my parcours et raison d'être..

Educational Background