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Biography   "Born in Brooklyn, NY, 1945 he established a reputation as a representational and abstract painter in the 1980's, particularly regionalist landscapes represented in his series of paintings "Reflective Still Water" in and around northern Westchester/Croton/Peekskill, New York.   He was raised in Brooklyn, attended The High School of Art & Design in Manhattan and graduated in 1964. He continued his art education at the School of Visual Arts while working as a full time commercial artist in small advertising agencies around New York City. His serious pursuit of painting began in 1970. Simultaneously he was also developing his career as a book designer and art director for educational publishers.   Contemporary artist Edward Burke has three major bodies of work:   Reflective Still Water 1982-1985 this period of work began as small representational landscape paintings of the shorelines of ponds, using oils on watercolor paper. The work progressed to large-scale impressionistic paintings capturing tranquil energy of textures and movements of the water as air passes over the surface.   Expressions from the Id 1983-1992 is a purely subconscious process of creating art. An initial brush-stroke or color shape is the geniuses, then an intuitive response to that action begins. The content and composition begin to grow as the painting takes on a life of its own. It is purely an instinctive drive, response after response, until the painting is completed.   The Studio 1995 - 2005 is a body of paintings including several still-life subjects and room interior motifs. The viewer is able to observe solid objects along with lines and forms of other objects that are normally obscured from view. These intersecting lines and forms, along with the use of abstract color, provide another level of composition. These paintings are about his Mt. Airy studio in Croton New York.   Teaching Westchester Community College (Peekskill Arts Workshop) "Studio Painting 1, 2, and 3" (2005 - 2007) "Drawing and Painting 1, 2, and 3" (2006 - 2007) Phoenix School of Design (extension of Pratt Institute, NY) "Editorial Design & Graphics" (1983-1985)   Exhibits   2009 One Man Show: Persistent Thoughts, Arguments and Symbols Cont... Beacon Fine Arts, NY Group Show: The Majestic Hudson Paramount Center For The Arts, NY Group Show: Seasonal Shift Ridgefield Artist Guild, CT One Man Show: Persistent Thoughts, Arguments and Symbols Hendrick Hudson Free Library, NY   Past Group Show, Landscape - A Sense of Place, Gallery 25N, NY One Man Show, Abstract Paintings, Hudson River Gallery, NY Group Show, Five Abstract Painters, Dubelle Gallery, NY Group Show, Landscapes, Edward Brown Gallery, NY Group Show, The Power of Abstraction, Society of the Arts, FL Group Show, Work on Paper, Silo Gallery, NY Group Show, Exhibit of Paintings and Sculpture, Ward Ness Gallery, NY City     Painting Philosophy:   New York contemporary artist , Edward Burke, whose work is well represented in numerous private collections, remains firmly rooted in his painting in spite of the great demand for his work as a graphic designer, illustrator, and multimedia creator.   Burke has never allowed his creative energy to be constrained by a rigid painting style. One sees in the body of his work an effortless flow between the representational and the abstract in which the artistic style of each piece is dictated by emotional energy and personal perception. The artist describes this process in the following way:   "For me, whether a painting is representational or abstract is an evolutionary process. Although I sometimes start and stay with a purely interpretational style, there are times when I start a painting from observation and the painting takes on a reality of its own, evolving into a reaction to reality that I interpret on the canvas.   I find pleasure in expanding one's view of a scene or object to include lines and forms that are obscured from view or in which I create the imagined movement of the forms. In nature, for example, I enjoy observing and painting the rhythm, texture, and reflective properties of water. Landscapes, for another example, can be observed in a unique way when reflected on the surface of water.   At the other extreme, I sometimes begin a painting by making a mark, shape, or form on a blank canvas, and then develop the painting from subsequent personal responses in line, color, and form until the final work evolves. These paintings are often related to images from dreams or my mind's eye.   I would say my work is more of an approach to interpreting reality rather than a philosophy about it. The only thing I can say for sure is that it is an important part of who I am."   Edward Burke Website   Art Lessons-Instructions, Painting and Drawing   Gallery25N.com   Studio25N.com

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