Erna Brout

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Artist Statement

My art is informed by global issues and events and how these affect the way I identify, given my age, gender and concern for future generations.

Travels to and work in the developing world , the images we see in news and media definitely color  my world views and serve as seeds for my creative efforts.

Much of my art is expressed through images of women and the rounded organic shapes familiar to them…expressing the universality of women’s life themes: women and children, female body shapes, women in head coverings, women of color, iconic women, women at work, women of other cultures. The face, the eyes serve as a mirror reflecting basic human concerns…fears—joys.

Although I paint and photograph flowers and still life as well, women’s images best express how I process my world and the political climate of the time.

Most recently I have been working in clay, taking on the organic forms of the female. The human face takes precedence although the features become more androgynous.

I sincerely hope viewers can identify with my art on some level of commonality.

June 2016

Educational Background

Studied at Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Vermont School of Art and Creativity, Westchester Art Workshop, Scarsdale Adult School; Beaux Arts Finale 2008 - Katonah - 1st Portraits 2nd Pastels; Matters of the HeArt - 2008 Greenburgh Culture and Arts Committee/Helen Andrus Benedict Foundation Member of Westchester Arts Council, Scarsdale Art Assn (juried); Connecticut Pastel Society; Charter member National Museum of Women in the Arts