Donna A. Faranda

category: Visual,

Contact & Info


Phone: (914) 274-2074


Artist Statement

I have created works on paper for the past 30 years, but have not utilized a paint brush since I discovered that I could create art work on my computer.  The computer has become the tools of my medium.  Creating a montage from images I have collected over the years, I then assemble them in Photoshop creating a college which I, then turn into a contour line drawings, delineating the various color areas.  Working next in  Corel Painter working on top of a tracing paper,  I can place each individual dot by clicking on my mouse.


 Out if an array of colors my pointillist pieces help me to construct these programs, a means of creating a drama consisting of reflections of women's inner stories.  While working, I employ elements of collage in my paintings to conjure up images created from a mixture of fantasy, mood and symbolism, blended together in a variety of ways to create my own world.  

I am drawn to the paintings of the pre-Raphaelite painters and their sensuous depiction of women from mythology.  I seek not only to render the interaction of colors as I create images but explore elements of the female psyche.  Incorporating images of classic women with objects of nature, I try to illustrate through my paintings their innate nobleness, revealing the instinctive nature that resides within them. 

These women are creators of their destiny, acting through passion or abandonment, they are the ones who heed their impulses that arise from the soul and acts on them.    Creating a tableau of images, I seek to represent their challenges, their heroic experiences as well as their day to day existence. 

Educational Background

I hold a Masters in Fine Art from Pratt Institute in painting and printmaking, and a Masters in Museum Education from Bank Street College.