April DeMarco

category: Visual,

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Artist Statement

Since childhood I had a clear attraction to the processes of making art. This is my language of choice and gift from birth.  The new abstract work I have been making since July 2009 is a result of an awakening to the purpose for which I make art. I am drawn in by the philosophies of Buddhism, The Law of Attraction and spirituality.  My purpose is to use my talents to promote discovery and transformation.  Often great change can begin with one small suggestion to move into the direction of our truest selves. I am encouraged to provide that opportunity.  For years as an art educator and motivational speaker I felt most alive to inspire others to work and create change.  Even for thunder and lightning to occur- something must move.  If we each put into motion the teachings we receive, we would naturally heighten our understanding of creation. We would be spurred on to do greater things for humanity. I choose tools and mediums to best communicate my intention while listening to my perceptions in the moment.  I will often pour on a canvas or draw over glazes if that is what I am guided to do.  I liken the experience of creating a work to that of automatic writing.   In this way I allow other presences to narrate direction. There are many similarities to my earliest years of mark making in childhood.  I did not need to know why I was doing what I was doing- just that I wanted or felt a need to do it.  The informality of processes I use is quite in different to the formal training I received at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. The images I draw out are representations of the life force that guides us before we are born and that exist in continuum after we pass.  The notions of the gravitational pull or magnetism to balanced or like-forces of the universe and our ability to sculpt them is what fascinates me. I begin each piece by setting a clear intention.  Symbolically either  molecular or celestial in representation the intention is simply to consider the possibilities of  our path,  purpose or the cause of the actions we create to move toward attaining our fullest potential in life.  When I work by guided intuition or automatic painting I am reminded of the intrinsic shift  that came about  from  awakening to my life's purpose.

Educational Background