Deborah Loeb Bohren

category: Visual,

Contact & Info

Artist Statement

A native of Westchester, I can't remember a time when I didn't have a camera in my hand.  I have always seen the world differently when I see it through the lens of a camera.  I notice details, textures and rhythms and the intersection and interplay of color, line and light.  I see peoples lives, not anonymous people.  Every window, door, smile, frown, and empty bottle tells a story.

Educational Background

From P.S. 27 in Yonkers to the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University with Hawthorne Jr. High, Scottsdale High and Arizona State University in between. As for photography, I am self-taught, but have over the past few years I have participated in photography workshops led by Arthur Meyerson, Lynn Saville, Allison Shaw, Julien McRoberts, and Lorne Resnick.