Charles Zigmund

category: Visual,

Contact & Info

Artist Statement

I've been painting for many years, mainy landscapes. Around the year 2000, I began to get interested in building up my paintings sculpturally. After working in relief for a few years, ever deeper, around 2005 I began doing works which were fully in-the-round sculpturally, but still hung on the wall. Since then I've created several which sit on a table or pedestal. My subject throughout is mainly contemporary landscape. I'm especially drawn to roads and highways, and find the contrast between moving vehicles and the still buildings and trees near them can be a metaphor for other things, such as change vs. stability in life. I've exhibited solo and in group shows. As the sculptural idea has matured, I've been seeking new outlets more consistently. A resume and a fuller statement of my artistic intentions can be found on my website,

Educational Background

I attended Cooper Union Art School, San Francisco Art Institute (BFA) and Hunter College (MA).