Cynthia Mullins

category: Visual,

Contact & Info


Phone: 203-438-8911


Artist Statement


My work has a blue print of reality transmuted by my own sensibility and creative decision whether working more abstractly or staying close to more realistic scenes. I am not interested in literal depiction although I almost always seek inspiration from painting en plein air (outdoors), a still life set up or from one of my photographs.

I often work in a series. Some examples being:  the Merritt Parkway paintings, the Big Flower Series and currently, the On the Verge Series. I  also work outside a current series while doing commissions or trekking  outside to do some plein air pieces.

Educational Background

M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh

While always making things my entire life and earning my degree to teach the Hearing Impaired, it was later in life that I studied and practiced pottery in Pittsburgh under Isla Stefanovich and later painting. I have now been painting since 1998. My major influences in oil and pastel are Tom Brenner and David Dunlop from the Silvermine Art School.