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Artist Statement

I am a visual storyteller unfolding tales of beauty and truth utilizing my fashion background. Influenced by the people in my life, my friends and our secrets I mix reality with fantasy. Working with captions and prose I transform stylized still fashion photographs – my source material – of women in specific places and moments to create alternative hyper-reality narratives of reflective thoughts within the subject’s moment of clarity. This creates a new visual orientation and expression for the viewer to identify with as either participant or voyeur creating a bridge into their own deeper psyche, male or female. I’ve always had a love for fashion and a love for art, I combine the two to tell my story.

Born in Philadelphia, I currently live in White Plains, New York. After obtaining a BFA in Fashion Illustration from Moore College Of Art And Design in Philadelphia I moved to New York City and launched a successful career as a designer in the fashion industry. This culminated in an opportunity to work for and with the artist Peter Max. It was while working for Peter that I rediscovered my true love for painting. In 1991 I moved to the suburbs of New York and started my family. I maintained a career as a freelance artist in the fashion industry while simultaneously following my passion for painting as a portrait artist. During this time I was commissioned for paintings, murals and one of a kind, hand painted furniture. Pushing my art aside to be a “stay at home mom” for many years, I have now come back to my painting practice full time with more experiences and life lessons. Since my return to painting, private and public collectors around the world have collected my work.


Educational Background

BFA, 1986  Moore College Of Art And Design