Carol Pfeffer

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At a time when the digital camera is replacing consumer snapshots, fine art photography and commercial applications Carol’s unconventional use of this traditional medium comes at a sentimental time in the history of photography. Her formal background in physics, the science of light and geometric optics inform the chromogenic transfers with a prevalent scientific quality. The work always carries her signature watermark of bold diverting abstraction reflecting her commitment to resolve complex issues without figurative references. A gestural style executed with disciplined spontaneity produces unavoidable prints. The substantive content of the work reflects a maturity that comes from introspection and personal confrontation with complexity. Projects can range anywhere from interpretations of celestial landscape and microbiology to more psychological interpretations of the subconscious and the imagination. She received her BA in Physics and Philosophy from Boston University, JD from Western New England College of School of Law, and Associate Degree Certificate in Visual Arts from Westchester Community College. Carol has been practicing law for twenty five years. She served as Assistant District Attorney in Queens County with The Special Victims Bureau and Supreme Court Trial Bureau, Administrative Law Judge with the New York City Department of Finance Parking Violations Bureau, Staff Attorney with the Legal Center of My Sister’s Place, Inc. representing indigent victims of domestic violence and is currently in private practice in New York. Carol also serves on the Adjunct Faculty at Purchase College State University of New York School of Liberal Studies and Continuing Education

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