Cecilia Moreno-Yaghoubi

category: Visual,

Artist Statement

Social and political imagery, religious iconography, found objects, and mixed media all combine in the fascinating, sometimes haunting, always thought-provoking work of Colombian-born artist, Cecilia Moreno Yaghoubi. At a young age Cecilia emigrated with her family to the U.S. Here she earned her B.B.A. in marketing and began a career in property management. A professional, geographic and spiritual journey ensued and ultimately, the pull to creative expression was too strong and she now pursues her art full time. Professionally, Cecilia studied painting at the Art Students League, the National Academy of Fine Arts, the Silvermine Arts Center and Westchester Community College. Geographically, she moved from Colombia to New York City in 1969 and finally to Scarsdale 21 years ago. Spiritually, Cecilia, a Catholic, and part of the 17% Hispanic population now living in Westchester, is married to an Iranian real estate developer. Living in Scarsdale, Cecilia says, she never felt part of the community until she began exhibiting her art. She now feels a strong connection to her neighbors, many of whom are Jewish and have shared much of the tenets of their faith with her. Through this combination of influences, Cecilia's art has traveled from the lush and beautiful, yet safe and mainstream, landscapes of her homeland to the provocative, riskier mixed media work featuring political and social imagery, religious iconography, and found objects (many of them dolls) of her current work, much of it "assemblages" from flea markets, thrift shops and recycled materials such as wood and fabric. Most recently she acquired a cache of personal letters from the 1800s in a pile set aside for removal. "My work is about evoking memory and these objects are 'tactile' memory," she adds. Cecilia has even gone so far as to stop garbage trucks from removing interesting "artifacts" she has happened upon for her work. "My art juxtaposes the safe and conventional with the provocative and taboo," says Cecilia. "And the effect should be dialogue." She continues, "I want my art to be a small voice that promotes positive cultural, religious and social interaction." To that end, Cecilia also works to gain awareness for several causes near to her heart, including autism and the rights of immigrant laborers and their children in Westchester, particularly through her work with the Holy Rosary Church in Port Chester. Cecilia premiered her paintings at "Origenes Latinos/Latin roots" gallery in Chelsea, NY in 2005 and has exhibited throughout New York and Connecticut including the Silvermine Art Center, Westchester Art Workshop, and Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center, the national Academy of Art Museum, and the Colombian consulate of N.Y. She is also a member of the Westchester Arts Council.

Educational Background