Rosemarie Magazino

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Artist Statement

Artist’s Statement

Rosemarie Altomari Magazino’s paintings were shaped by her exposure to the major trends of art during the nineteen eighties. She was born in the USA to parents who emigrated from Calabria, an ancient provence in Southern Italy. The energy that flows in her veins and onto the canvas is pure Calabrian. The style of her work is Futuristic.

She majored in Art at Hunter College where her professors were aficionados of abstract expressionism, pop-art, and hyper-realism. Magazino’s paintings contain those currents, made subordinate to her style, neo-Futurism. Her work echoes that of her predecessors, the Italian Futurists, and reflects a biological imperative to capture movement frozen in time.

Thus the paintings are energy explorations, with abstract shapes intersecting with representational figures and symbols. The elements race from fleeting encounters with each other to larger fixed compositions. Defining visual structure by relying on curved lines and shapes, Magazino affirms her personal presence in the works through subtle and nuanced means. Each work created engages us in the effort to participate in an inquisitive visual intelligence exploring the balance between color and movement and the artist’s personal act of bringing impersonal realities into view. The results are paintings with distinctive, frequently dramatic impact which suggest a sense of motion and emotion, and are personal statements which evoke and declare a new reality.


Educational Background

Magazino majored in art at Hunter College of the City University of New York, and received a Masters Degree in Art from the College of New Rochelle.